Jacuzzi J-375 hot tub
Jacuzzi J-375 hot tubJacuzzi J-375 hot tub


Smile inside, knowing that warming constant in your life is sat waiting patiently for you in your garden. Come home after a long day at work or a tough workout and take yourself off to a luxury destination of your choice, without leaving your home. Now you really can holiday at home.

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Product Description

A spa that moves wellness through water to get to your body in an effective, complete and professional way. A remarkable style that embraces in its functions and design the deep meaning of Jacuzzi® great invention: the first hydromassage in the world.

  • 231 X 231 X 97 cm
  • 6 People
  • 6 seats (1 lounge)
  • 46 jets
  • LED prolites system
  • Waterfall
  • LED control panel
  • Remote Control (stereo version)
  • ClearRay™ Water Purification System
  • 4 Illuminated Headrests
  • Premium Audio System
  • Smart Seal
  • 1 speed pump
  • 2 speed pump
  • Circulation pump
  • Oval grill