SpaCrest Duchess 501 hot tub
SpaCrest Duchess 501 hot tub

501 Duchess

Dimensions 83″ x 58″ x 34″ (211cm x 147cm x 86cm)
Seating Capacity 3
Water Capacity 180 Gallons (681 Litres)
Weight 550 lbs.(249 kg.)
Filtration 50 Sq. Ft. (4.65 M2)
Total Jets 16
North America Pumps 2-SPEED 2 HP
International Pumps 2-SPEED 2 HP
Polystorm Directional Jets 5
Polystorm Twin Roto Jets 2
Cluster Jets 9
North America Electricity 20AMP/110V,50AMP/220V
International Electricity 16AMP/220V

Product Description

Spa Crest Duchess hot tub

Additional Specs & Features

  • Venturi type air injection
  • Rubber pump pad mounting system for quite operation
  • ReflectoTherm™ insulation system
  • Balboa digital control system
  • Fully sealed Molded ABS bottom
  • No Maintenance synthetic cabinet
  • Full Body Massage Lounge (available on lounge models)
  • Easy access Skimmer filtration
  • Underwater light (with colored lens)
  • Microban® Lucite Acrylic
  • Barrier – Free seating
  • Interior doorway compatible (34″)
  • Programmable filter cycles
  • Zone Therapy

All Spa Crest hot tubs are insulated with the ReflectoTherm insulation system.  ReflectoTherm consists of a reflective thermal barrier on the cabinet panels and a layer of high density foam on the shell.  This creates a trapped air space under the spa.  Reflective insulation is designed to contain RADIANT heat. Radiant heat travels through space from a warm surface to a cooler surface. The reflective barrier contains up to 97% of the radiant heat that is generated from the spas equipment and also insulates the spa against cold temperatures.  Regular bulk insulation (fiberglass, foam, etc.) will only contain 10 – 20% of the heat generated by the spa.  Furthermore, bulk insulation will only slow hot and cold transfer it will not block it.  ReflectoTherm insulation system insulates the spa from the outside elements, and creates one of the most efficient spas on the market.